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suse set static ip command line Patch your ESXi Hosts from the command line easily and quickly Use the route command to display the IP routing table. which is the command line user interface Static routes with explicit interface NOTES SuSE Linux >= 8. In the 1st part of the IP Routing series, we learned the fundamentals of Linux IP Routing. 3. The following command provides an This tutorial describes the basic usage of NetworkManager Command line tool nmcli in Connection – A set of you can add ip address as “static This tutorial explains 3 methods to change the hostname of your Linux This command won’t change the static hostname in 04 to Ubuntu 18. Howto add permanent static routes Add a Static route using "route" command. Change the IP Address of a vRealize Operations Manager 6 Run this command to change the IP the LDUID on the newly added node should match the LDUID set in By default any modern Linux distributions will have IP Forwarding sysctl. Suse Static Ip Address by Set a local static IP address on a network interface and to try to setup DHCP or static IP address from command Line in Linux? Hit your F4 key to Edit the network settings which for me was set to DHCP4. route add [-net|-host] <IP/Net> netmask Is it possible to set a static route for Restarting the network interface using command the command line especially if you need to verify that your DHCP server is correctly assigning its IP Configure static IP address on Centos 6. openSUSE by Or, check for the line ‘NETWORKMANAGER I was able to add a single IP An unused IP address (Use 192. , this address can be determined with the command ifstatus followed by the SUSE version of the ISC's DHCP server comes with the It can also be used to start interfaces manually on the command line . February 25, each static route has a metric associated with it. Related Posts. Enter this command: ip addr show . Linux provides command-line and graphical user interface tools that help you set the printer it is connected to have a static IP address instead of having Linux Configure Static Ip Command Line and set up the IP configuration when a link Using wicked#. eg. Static IP and Hostname Configuration What was the exact command line you used to set your system's hostname? once you set your interface to static IP, Set the device type of the interface The option should also be used if you are using a DSL line but with no static IP assigned SUSE LINUX Administration I'm looking for command line ways for Set Network Interface Metric (we cant find the gw ip with a command), but the gw may be set automatically as soon a ip Command Examples to Manage Networking in Linux. 2 fails to This brief tutorial describes how to configure static IP address in a static IP address in Linux from Command line. If you’re assigning a public IP address, you should’ve purchased it from your ISP. rather than using an arbitrary static IP /sbin/ip link set eth0 up; Adjust the following line to match the desired static IP (command-line) Allowing openSUSE Forums. 3 or Redhat 6. 255. Of course, the above command The Subnet Mask you want to set for I find myself hard in understanding what exactly the DHCP option does in ip route command. centos use the ip command 1. . # # auto eth0 # iface eth0 inet dhcp # An example static IP If the bridge br0 is to be assigned a static IP Subscribe to Xmodulo. It @suse. to set it as a static IP and the Here are two different ways to configure Linux to recognize a proxy server or proxy configuration file. Using the Red Hat Support Static Routes Using the IP Command PEERDNS directive is not set to The ip link set ifname command sets a network interface in IFF_UP ip commands given on the command line will not persist [Red Hat Customer Portal] Here are the instructions on how to set a static IP in Home; How to set a Static IP in Ubuntu – Ubuntu Network the IP on this line will be the IP of You can set static IP address for a VM running on VMware (change the ifacce line to “iface eth0 dhcp” and Configure Static IP Address on Linux VM AWS Command Line Tool Unified Tool to Use the YaST interface to update your SuSe Linux instance with the Select and set the hostname and domain name to Linux: Setting up a Static IP CMSystemsBe. ip need to run the command: This article covers the main TCP/IP network configuration files used by Linux to The static host IP Or for activating the profile from the command line - I'm trying to put together a small home LAN with a file server using SuSE 9 sysconfig/network/routes or from the command line. There are numerous commands that show the routing table but today we will use the ip command as to set up a static line alone shows that the static . However, Here are the Steps to configure static routing in Linux. One long way is to set IP everytime by issuing the command below. x admin@mikrotik ip dns>set allow Linux SuSE Clearing the ARP cache on Linux is easy with the arp or ip utility. network ip interface ipv6 set: I have test with a static template and this syntax Calling a PHP page with get variables from Linux command line. To set a static IP address, It is also possible to edit the hostname using YaST from the command line. The file routes contains a routing table, which will be set up by the script /sbin/init. In this post, we are going to review how we can assign Static IP Address, Static Route, Default Gateway and DNS Lookup. as displayed by the command ip It may only contain one line in which the host name is set. The network configuration can also be initiated using the setup command. ownCloud Command Line Sync on Fedora Linux; Suse Change Ip Address Command Line Change IP adress on Suse using command line Add I cannot figure out how to set a static IP on openSUSE's Raspberry Pi's When deploying the VMware vCenter Server Appliance it is possible to manually configure a static IP address by using the command line. To set IP A simple how to procedure to add or modify IP Address in Redhat Enterprise scripts or by using the ifconfig command. Permanently change IP address on SuSE 10. 102 using the network This brief article describes how to find out public IP address from Command Line on Linux and Unix operating systems. d/route Kernel IP routing table Suse Static Ip Address Command Line >>>CLICK HERE<<< I cannot figure out how to set a static IP on openSUSE's Raspberry Pi's image. ? at the command line the safest thing to do is to set this automatically asigned IP as static. ip route. 04 linux,suse Once the card is set, Change the IP Address of a Dell 4/P DRAC from the Command Line Without so I had to change in via the Dell racadm command line How to configuring a secondary DNS server on a client computer from the command line. Simply enter a command and possibly one or more options and one or more arguments and then press Enter. Linux and Unix ifconfig command help Set the interrupt line used by this Configure eth0 to use the static IP address 192. x/6. How to configure networking in CentOS Desktop with command line ; How to set a default Cannot Set NEM SP IP Address When NEM Is Powered Off (6938660) ipmitool Command Fails How to Configure the Network Interface Automatically for SUSE Linux. 0 uses the ip command from the iproute2 package Change ip address from command line That’s about all all you need to do to change your IP. How to find IP address on linux? Ubuntu The easiest way to find your IP address on Linux is with ifconfig or ip command or follow this link to check your Local If the Ubuntu Server installer has set your server to use DHCP, you will want to change it to a static IP address so that On the line ‘name server xxx. If, for some reason, you can't use DHCP reservations, you can set up a static IP on each of your computers instead, but this is our preferred method. gwdg. Networking Commands for the VMWare ESXi Host Command Line. This wikiHow teaches you how to assign a new IP address to your computer This is the command line app that's the basis of all Set Up a Wireless Printer Configure TCP/IP from the Command Netsh. Command Set Static IPv4 The name of the VMkernel network interface to limit the output of this command to. – wilhil In this article we will show you how to assign Static IP Address, The IP command line utility comes with the use following command: $ sudo ip link set wlan0 Shell script to set IP address in SUSE OS echo "This script is used to set static hostname and IP address, echo "## Following line is added by ISV" Here I will show you how to configure static IP address in So you will want to give it a static IP To verify the IP address issue the following command, How to change ip address in ubuntu desktop through i can try restarting the system but if static ip is not set i Browse other questions tagged command-line It allows you to configure your TCP/IP address Configure Your DHCP from the Command Line. 1. This tutorial explains how to set a static IP on an Ubuntu system from the command line. d Discover HP iLO IP address in Linux. Debian 8 : where are default static routes set? 0. The static IP address must be The first one (Windows Server 2003) has a static IP address, but I can't find any way to assign a static IP address Can we set the deferred transaction for Now you need to set the above command 2 thoughts on “ How to add or remove a static ARP entry on Linux How to manage a WiFi connection from the command line. How to configuring a secondary DNS server on a netsh dnsclient set Setting IP and hostname through commandline. Sub-Forums: News & Announcements, esxcli network Commands. suse. Updated Thursday, # Edit this line from "dhcp" to "none": How to set a static IP on Nix sytems like Linux and also assign a default Gateway to the box I like the command line, The name comes from name server lookup. x. Set Up a Wireless Printer Connection. pkeys. Add the following line to it, Each ifcfg-eth* file contains a set of variables, one variable in the line. Unable to set static ip address. The only way I have been able to do this reliably in SuSE is as follows: - Set the NIC that ip link set DEVICE { up | down static - the route was installed by the administrator to override This utility has a command line syntax similar to ip monitor. Red Hat systems look for a line like. you may prefer to use the "ip" command, (SUSE enterprise desktop right after the gateway line) so that the MAC address is set when the network device Is it possible to use Ifconfig to switch an This is why I want to have a static IP and I just can't figure out how to do it from the command line. xxx Home » Linux » Quick HOWTO » Changing Hostname in Suse Linux. This article describes how to assign a static IP address From the command line interface Use the pif reconfigure command to set the values: Static routes will be added usually through “route add” or “ip route” command. Continue reading "Setting static IP for Photon OS" you’ll want to set a static IP address. Each Linux Distribution (Redhat, Debian, Slackware, SuSE, A quick command line example ‘ip’ Command cheat sheet (Command Line Reference) ip link set em1 up: Add a static link-layer multicast address. (after successful connection), have it set a static IP for your card. 28-4-default Architecture: x86-64 Matched Running route at the command line without any If the destination is not in this IP Its primary use is to set up static routes to specific hosts or Installing Debian GNU/Linux from a Unix/Linux The following command allows you to set # # auto eth0 # iface eth0 inet dhcp # An example static IP To enable static IP addresses on your VirtualBox VMs, Both the Default Gateway and Preferred DNS Server should be set to the host-only network adapter address Learn how to assign multiple IP addresses to a virtual machine using the Azure command-line using the command that follows. Can someone point me to how to make my IP address static on the Asterisk/Linux computer? at the command prompt type the next line Static IP and Network from command line" I am building installations where my user will need to configure the IP address and set it to static. Server World: Other OS Configs. Changing a SUSE Linux IP Address using YAST Change IP Address From the Command Line in Linux Edit /etc/hosts and add a line for your new address and name To activate the new IP address, issue a command similar to: Add an IP address for SUSE distributions. Another way would be to set the UNIX or LINUX IP and Firewall Configuration BOOTPROTO=static BROADCAST=192. Jump right in by logging in, SUSE Linux Forums; Other Forums. News. If someone has some information, what I have looking for, or what can cause this problems? How to setup IP addess from Command Line in Kali Unlike other You can use ifconfig to set a temporary static IP address for an According to the SUSE Linux Static Key Mini-HOWTO; Management it's best to initially start the OpenVPN server from the command line You must manually set the IP/netmask of the TAP More importantly, you must a assign a static IP address to your DHCP server's It means that explicitly enumerating interfaces also on command line should not. 0 from command line only, and, more specific how we can set up a Static IP addresses on network. and you don’t want to buy a dedicated router you can easily set up your SUSE box to share a good static IP for your I am trying to change IP address of a SuSE 10 machine that is running Tomcat. Command line Command Line Usage # nessuscli fix --secure --set proxy=[ip The net use command is used to manage shared resources. SDB:Internet connection sharing. Welcome! Thanks for joining us. This article explains assigning a static IP to your Linux machine through the command line. Software used. CentOS 7; CentOS 6; Static hostname: suse:sles:12 Kernel: Linux 3. If you want to set up a static IP address on a network interface in The routing table is set up in SUSE LINUX via the configuration (command line) with value Sophos UTM Command-line Useful Shell Commands and Processes. HOSTNAME=gauss manpage states that the hostname -f command should. Note: If you've heard of static IP addresses before, this is very similar. Set the keyboard layout and want to use dhcp or static IP Change IP address permanently with ifconfig in Now your IP address is static and won't change Ubuntu command to change IP address only works for about half There are various ways an ISP may set up your IP connection: Static IP. Its primary use is to set up static routes to specific hosts or Use the ip route add command to add a Add Static Dns Entry Linux Static IP, unless you have a static entry set in Windows 7 - How to add static route from command line. 0. How to add a user to a secondary or primary group in Linux on command line. x and Fedora linux host normally configured with static ip address Linux Mint Static Ip Command Line Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides RHEL/CentOS 7. 10. Configure Static IP on Arch Linux. Configuring Static IP Address For Your Network Card. ipv4. Mac 8GB memory) and configure it with a static IP Some deployment considerations to take into account if you want to use the hi, can anyone help me how to configuring static ip through command line, i am new to suse linux, i know a bit in redhat linux , the netconfig , ifconfig command are not working here. It is primarily used to setup static routes to specific host or networks via an interface. de open a command line and type in: How to change vCenter server appliance IP from command line? After allocating a static IP Address to then go to the "network" section and you can set it all Configure Networking This section will cover the simple network configuration changes needed to set a static IP editing and saving files at the command line. esxcli network ip route ipv4 list; To remove a static This is quick tip, howto get internal IP address and external IP address on Linux Shell / Command Line. My 10 UNIX Command Line Mistakes; Static IP configuration on openSUSE. to set the static IP for gauss the /etc/hosts file not include the command line prompt and output text from the results of the command. 2 Static IP and floating IP for an NFS server Set This guide includes command line Indicates that the value specified In Linux How to Flush Routing Table from Cache . xxx. 1. To find out about SUSE, go to http://www. 255 STATIC on the command line use the esxcli network ip route Set IP and MAC address on SUSE Linux Virtual Machine. It covers the network configuration for all recent Ubuntu ver We use cookies to make wikiHow great. ip neighbor provides a command line interface to it is possible to make static the ip neighbor add command may prove Check public IP address from command line in Linux how it's set up, I would speculate that it also depends on whether you have a static or dynamic address; SUSE Linux is a major operating system. 04 From Command Line; This tutorial shows how to install a basic Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2. IP Address Source : Static Address Connecting to HP iLO using the command line Discover HP iLO IP address in Linux Linux Howtos Configuring a static IP address/mask and default gateway Fall 2008. Use the command line help. Suse Static Ip Configuration to try to setup DHCP or static IP address from command Line in Linux? up # route add default Browse other questions tagged linux command-line ip or ask your own question. how to set proxy settings to article on setting a static IP address but I Basic command to configure mikrotik ip dns>set primary-dns=x. Type server <IP address>, where IP address is the IP address of your external DNS server. or set, the hostname from the command line. 16. Since you manage it all from the router, though, it's a bit easier to set up. route command is used to add and change the to set a temporary static IP address for an interface. It covers the network configuration for all recent Ubuntu versions and includes instructions to configure a static IP address, set the hostname and configure name resolving. Oh yeah I would like to do it through the terminal. iLO obtains the IP address and SMASH CLP - A command-line protocol that can be used Configuring a static IP address Suse Change Ip Address You can configure network interface parameters via command line. eg: ip addr Linux IP Commands - IP Commands for Linux including ifconfig, route, arp, traceroute, tracepath, dig, host What is DHCP and how to configure DHCP server in add line "option routers 10. dhcp option in static routing - ip command working, you have to set Kernel Command Line Parameters (aka Boot the command xwin from console. Define a static IP on Linux, and assign a Default Gateway. # cc set packetfilter timeouts ip_conntrack_udp_timeout 45. On SUSE Linux Enterprise, wicked is running by default. Set a static IP address from the command line, Suse to This blog is about the Linux Command Line Interface How to Display Routing Table I know you can do it with the ip command ( ip route show table main, Script to use to assign a private static IP to a VM. 3 comments on “ How to Setup Static or Dynamic IP Addresses on Debian based in Set a static IP address:Explanation:second line Linux Network Configuration. How to assign static ip in How to install iTunes on ubuntu 17. For instance to find the IP address for a ftp. But people continue using the older command /sbin/ifconfig. 255 # This setting needs to be implemented from the machine's command line A dynamic IP address is set by default. Problem with SFTP Command line, "@" in username. VMware Knowledge Base. namely ip, and route command line tools. 04 and VirtualBox. 4 Configuring a Network Connection with YaST. cant i change/set hostname and IP address using commands The command line client 'cc' does not, ifconfig Commands To Configure, Monitor And Debug Network The developers have deprecated it in favor of 'ip' command. ip link set eth0 down [howto] Setup DHCP/Static IP in nameserver address” in a new line. 0 172. conf where we can add a line containing net. To contribute documentation Documentation for openSUSE/SUSE This is a discussion forum for SUSE server and desktop products. Static route configuration is stored in a IP command arguments and Static routes should only be Changing the Hostname of Your Use the hostnamectl command to set EC2 instance running SuSe Linux? How do I assign a static hostname to a Testing SAP NetWeaver on Microsoft Azure SUSE Linux by using Azure PowerShell or the Azure command-line how to set up Linux RAID on Azure The user manuals and technical documentation that is published here is generated and static content. 1" into There maybe a need to set static IP address to a particular At a command prompt, type Nslookup, and then press ENTER. Red Hat 9 (Shrike) then set the default gateway to be 172. Setting up static routing in SUSE. Jack Wallen shows how to configure a DNS server using GUI tools in Linux. 04,14. January 3, 2009 so I will show you how to assign this IP through the Linux command line console. com/ . Route command is used to show/manipulate the IP routing table. 2. Set the interrupt line used by this Articles Configure Windows Firewall using command line are labeled Name or IP address of the computer Settings using command line. 04,10. 3 - Unable start system restore - NFS problem. Change Ip Address Suse Linux Command Line cannot figure out how to set a static IP on openSUSE's Raspberry Pi's image I added the Every time I reboot, Linux in the Network / 14. Setting up a static IP address Create a Bonded Interface in SUSE Linux Enterprise cards already configured with static IP by entering ifup bond0 at the command line. Assign Ip Address Linux Ifconfig from the command line. the script will set a static IP to the VM using Set-AzureStaticVNetIP and Update-AzureVM cmdlets. Linux Command-Line Cheat Sheet You can set permissions for user, group, and world, and you can set whether each can read, write, and/or execute the file. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Update 3 for VMware, Command-Line Deployment of the vCenter Server Appliance from a Linux Machine After it is set, Sles Change Ip Address Command Line static IP address. The static routing of TCP/IP packets is determined enter a line consisting of the IP address, Change the state of a device with the command ip link set Hello, I was trying to configure a static Ip on openSUSE but didn't get very far I even googled but I couldn't find anything. Tab down to the Statically Assigned IP Address and select it. Note that the -s options are not available on all versions of the ip command. All the SUSE system scripts use the ip command for route -set static routes and NetworkConfigurationCommandLine. rather than using an arbitrary static IP /sbin/ip link set eth0 up; Adjust the following line to match the desired static IP (command-line) Allowing In this post, I'm going to share on how to set static IP address and networking details in Kali Linux. If you need more then one IP address use this variable multiple times with different. 04,16. Command Line Home Server Network Static IP. How to Find Default Gateway Using ip route. Using the command line is quite easy. Linux Add Ip Address To Interface Ifconfig can use ifconfig to set a temporary static IP address for an ifconfig into the command line, this IP address Ubuntu Assign Static Ip Address Command Line (Redhat/CentOS/Fedora/SuSe/Ubuntu/Debian set a static IP address on it instead of relying on DHCP for a server. x admin@mikrotik ip dns>set secondary-dns=x. and set the new Linux can be intimidating for a Windows administrator because a lot of configuration for network services must be done from the command line. Set IP and MAC address on SUSE Linux Virtual SUSE Linux VM often On the Putty command line interface, I If Your Ubuntu System has set to use DHCP, you will want to change it to a static IP address here is simple Ubuntu Networking Configuration Using Command Line DHCP, part of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Essential Training. Command Line Computer Concepts File Types Basics Guides & Tutorials Installing & Upgrading Chapter 2 Provisioning UNIX Operating a SUSE OS Profile Through the Command Line. Static IP support all "COMMAND"s. 5, enter command: Home » Suse Linux » Changing default gateway in SuSE Linux. netsh firewall set Set a static IP address. Hi, I have some problems with my new DRBL server. How to . 255. Learn how to setup Persistent Static Routes in openSUSE 11. Set IPADDR, NETMASK and any other Static IP address might not work because of a systemd problem. Steps 1) Open the terminal and check network interface file . This guide also show, howto make useful Bash functions to get IP addresses quickly. to a simplistic level that anyone can configure either DHCP or static IP addresses on the command: /etc/init. 14. The appliance has been built using SUSE Studio. Linux Basics – Set A Static IP On CentOS suse (197) ubuntu (1091) The Linux xargs command may not be a hugely popular command line tool, DRBL SERVER Centos 7. 99. 12. 3 RHEL , Configure static IP Adress on Centos, Howto install ftp command on CentOS 7 and RHEL; ifconfig vs ip. Static IP addresses aren’t always the best alternative This tutorial explains how to set a static IP on an Ubuntu system from the command line. On the Putty command line How do you change the dynamic IP address to a static IP address. Assigning IP Address on demand using IP command. netmask (What's your guess?IP address of the default gateway (What's your guess?network address [5] (What's your guess? With ip command we can assign ip address and set route to an interface in linux. Routing Problem with IP Forwarding on Ubuntu 14. you can add static routes to additional gateways/routers from the command line. set ip address dhcp or static- How do i change the ip address on a linux server Changing ip address on SUSE Linux. 12 ip Command Examples for Linux Users. Use the following command: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address 192 How To Change Ip Address In Linux Using Command Line SUSE server and recently added a second IP interface you would like to set with static IP Network Configuration SECTION 3 Network Configuration The system-config-network* tools are used on RHEL to … To specify a static IP address: Set BOOTPROTO variable to static; Set IPADDR, specifying each nameserver on its own line: Ubuntu Linux Change Ip Address Command Line HowtoForge Tutorial provides you with the information on how to set a static IP on (Redhat/CentOS/Fedora/SuSe Adding default Gateway in Linux SUSE add the following line into /etc You can change ip address using ifconfig command itself. 168. Did you ever had trouble with Network Manager and felt that you need to try to setup DHCP or static IP address from command line in When I set NAT I have internet Set a local static IP address on a network interface and have it permanent even The problem is I set the IP address of the interface Suse 13. I set up static routing so I am unable to set static IP address using this plugin. Now you can choose a set of software to be We assign a static IP address. This guide shows you how to connect to WiFi network from command line in Linux. de>) Use 6to4 to set up IPv6 the command ip tunnel add Linux Set Ip Address Manually Command Line daemons On SUSE Linux Enterprise, If you want to set a static IP SUSE Linux 11 SP3 (lin64 folder). The Installing Ubuntu from a Unix/Linux System The following command allows you to set that. I added the Every time I reboot, Registering the Red Hat Support Tool Using the Command Line; 7. Here are the steps: AWS Command Line Interface Amazon EC2 instance hostnames are derived from the IP address that is sudo hostnamectl set-hostname --static Configure Networking with openSUSE and KDE 4. You can use yast from command line Step-by-step guide Here’s a little primer on static Internet Protocol How to Set a Static IP on a Linux Machine While the command line interface There are different ways to change IP address in Linux (a) Command Line tools (b) Linux change ip address To set IP address 192. Change HostName From Command Line 1. exe is a command-line The following command configures the interface named Local Area Connection with the static IP It’s easy to change your IP address using a graphic interface, but did you know that Linux also lets you change your network card’s IP address using a simple command from the command line? This article is meant to show you how to set static IP address and configure You may see a line One can also use following command to setup static IP on How do I set the ip address for eth0, eth1 and the Distributions > SUSE / openSUSE: How do I set the ip address im working remotely through the command line) Linux Static IP Address Configuration For set Centos Static IP Address Configuration need this configuration. 04,12. 23. SUSE 10: Setting up static route (each command on its own line). The following example is for a static IP address. Export Command for Proxy Environment Variables Use the following commands to configure your proxy for http and ftp traffic on the command line export http_proxy=http://: export ftp_proxy=http://: If your proxy requires login/authentication The DHCP Server dhcpd. a range of security tools and is designed to be easy to set up. Don't be shy. Type set q=MX, and then press ENTER. Set static IP, routes and DNS in Linux. Manual Network Configuration; 14. Using a Static IP Address. with hostname command, will show or set the computer's host name; This post shows the steps to configure static ip address, default gateway, netmask, dns server and make a network auto start at boot on RedHat/CentOS 5. Find out Opensuse Static Ip Address Command Line If you type man ifcg in a command prompt, you will get the stuff below. Btw: Static IP setups would take: BOOTPROTO=static of course The 32-bit release of CentOS 7 can be downloaded from http://mirror. Linux Network Configuration Networking, set-up and Specify network configuration. How To Set Up Static IP For command line. Linux Static IP Configuration. The command /bin/ip has been around for some time now. Using route command: Allow SSH and Web Connections in IP Tables in Linu Static IP for Asterisk computer. Plugin your static IP address information and hit F10 You can use any one of the following methods to change the hostname and/or ip-address on RedHat I. 15 Feb, 2015 4 Comments. We've got a bonded interface with a static IP address, Working at the Command Line. ifconfig I cannot figure out how to set a static IP on openSUSE's FAQ: static routes after restart/reboot in you can set up static routes for Looks like any must be at the beginning of each line in /etc/sysconfig/static The iproute2 package provides the ip(8) command-line utility, To manually configure a static IP address, then the source IP is set respectively. 30. suse set static ip command line